Basic Educational Costs

Educational Costs

Cost of Attendance vs...

Basic Educational Costs

 Amount determined by UNM comprised of:
 Costs used by BA/MD to determine awards:
 Tuition Tuition
 Fees Fees
 Books Books
 Housing Housing
 Meals Meals
 Transportation Costs N/A
 Miscellaneous Expenses N/A

 2022-2023 Basic Educational Costs
 per semester

All Students
 Tuition and Fees $4,251.90 (15+ hours)
 Tuition Required Fee $795.80 (15+ hours)
 Student Technology Fee $150.00
 SHAC/Wellness Fee $107.00
 Athletics Fee $100.00
 ASUNM Fee $35.00
 Arts & Sciences Differential $157.80
 Course Fee Stipend $119.00
 Textbook Stipend $515.00
 Housing $3,850.00
 Meal Plan/Food Stipend $2,225.00
 TOTAL $12,306.60

 Upper Division Course Premium for 300/400 level courses is $36.86/hr 

"Extra costs" (B)
Upper Division Premiums $36.86/hr 


 "Set Costs" (A) $12,306.60
 "Extra Costs" (B) 
 Total of Set costs (A) + Extra costs (B) = 
 Total of incoming scholarships (C) = 
 BA/MD scholarship (A+B-C=D) = 


 Tuition & Fees per credit hours

 15+ credit hours $5,047.80
 14 credit hours $4,711.28
 13 credit hours $4,374.76
 12 credit hours $4,038.24

BA/MD Package Information for 2022-2023

    • Housing cost is based on campus apartment rates
    • Meal plan is based on cost of average plan for Lobo 15, Lobo 10 Plus, Lobo Unlimited, and Cherry Unlimited
    • Book allowance is set at $515 per semester
    • Course fees over $119 per semester will be the student's responsibility
    • Student choices that produce extra cost will be the responsibility of the student
    • BA/MD does not cover the cost of parking permits, housing application fees, New Student Orientation fees, etc.