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Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

The BA/MD Program and the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) collaborate to provide academic support services for BA/MD students. Together they offer various types of tutorial services on a weekly and semester basis in all physical science and math courses. Students can satisfy their BA/MD requirement for attending CAPS Services by utilizing all offered types of tutorial assistance: one‐on‐one appointments, drop‐in labs, Supplemental Instruction, etc.

CAPS Tutoring / S. I. Attendance Requirement

Fall Semester first year: All first year BA/MD students are required to attend CAPS for tutoring and/or Supplemental Instruction sessions for a minimum of one hour per week for each Math or Pre‐med Science core course (required by the program) they are enrolled in for the first fall semester.

    • Students must complete mandatory tutoring/SI each week (including Thanksgiving week) starting the second week of the semester through the last week of instruction (does not include finals week).
    • Students are responsible to seek more tutoring/SI if necessary (such as earning grades below a B‐ at mid‐semester progress reports).
    • CCSP E&P subcommittee can require students to attend more tutoring/SI or other services if they deem necessary.