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The BA/MD Program and the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) collaborate to provide academic support services for BA/MD students. Together we offer various types of tutorial service on a weekly and semester basis in all physical science and math courses.

What are "CAPS Services?" Students can satisfy their BA/MD requirement of attending CAPS Services by utilizing the following types of tutorial assistance. All types of tutorial service is usually offered for all of your Math and Physical Science courses, such as Math 181 and Chemistry 121, as well as many other subjects.

Supplemental Instruction "SI""Drop-In""One on One"
An SI tutor attends your course section as an enrolled student to be present for the lectures, materials, notes, quizzes, homework, etc. By doing so, the SI tutor offers group tutorial sessions several times a week on that week's lecture material to help you solidify the content, get extra assistance with trouble areas, or practice questions for upcoming quizzes and exams.This type of tutorial service can be described as both group and/or individual tutoring. CAPS offers tutors from just about every subject during specific hours at a "drop-in" tutorial table. The reason it can be seen as both group and individual tutoring because you will be at the tutorial table with many other students that the tutor is helping either as a whole group or individually as he/she rounds the table. You just "drop-in" as your schedule coincide with this schedule.This type of tutorial service is for the student that prefers to be "one-on-one" appointment with the tutor for a 30 or 45 minute session. This may be the best for the student that would feel more comfortable asking questions without other students around. One-on One's require a reserved appointment scheduled each week. If you want to schedule the same appointment time with the same tutor every week, this may be requested if CAPS can accommodate.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend any Supplemental Instruction "SI" sessions for their required courses. However, we understand that tutoring is optimized in different forms/methods for each individual so find what's right for you!

CAPS Tutoring/SI attendance Requirement

Fall Semester Freshmen year:  all first year students are required to attend CAPS for tutoring and/or Supplemental Instruction sessions for a minimum of one hour per week for each Math or Pre-med Science core course (required by the program) they are enrolled in for the semester.

  • Mandatory tutoring/SI each week (including Thanksgiving week) starting the second week of the semester.
  • Students are responsible to seek more tutoring/SI if necessary (such as receiving grades in course below a B- at mid-semester progress reports).
  • CCSP can require students to attend more tutoring/SI or other services if they deem necessary.