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BA/MD Scholarship Policy

BA/MD students are required to stay up‐to‐date on their scholarships and financial aid packages, while actively seeking additional funding as needed. BA/MD scholarships are supplemental, last dollar scholarships not exceeding the basic educational cost formula. Each student will have a customized BA/MD award package. The scholarship funding of students who receive federal money (for instance: Pell grants) cannot exceed UNM’s “cost of attendance” for the academic year. UNM counts student loans and work study toward this maximum amount for all students, regardless of federal funding, which may reduce eligibility for BA/MD awards. If the student is not enrolled full‐time, the program will provide an amount of financial support commensurate with the student’s enrollment. The BA/MD Degree Program will provide supplemental financial aid to support all UNM undergraduate course load for up to 8 semesters, even if the student completes all matriculation requirements before the 4 years. Again, this support will be applied proportionally to the number of credit hours being taken each semester contingent upon financial need as defined by FAFSA awards and/or BA/MD Program scholarship formula.

BA/MD scholarships cover the “basic educational costs” and calculate awards based on current rates for tuition, housing, an average of available meal plans for freshman and upper classmen, and a book stipend.

Any additional costs, which are not considered “basic educational costs”, are not covered by BA/MD. For current rates and sample packages please visit the BA/MD Scholarships page.  

Entering freshmen must submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by May 15th with all additionally required documents to UNM by June 15th in order to be eligible for BA/MD funding.

All currently enrolled BA/MD students are required to renew the FAFSA by January 6th each year, and to submit all additionally required documents to UNM by January 31st in order to be eligible for BA/MD funding. Income tax information can be estimated, but must be corrected when available.

All students are required to submit an estimate of their expected scholarships to the BA/MD office by July 14th. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate any changes in financial aid and/or scholarship awards with the BA/MD Program Coordinator.

Failure to complete any of these requirements will result in the BA/MD scholarship not being awarded for the academic year and will result in a professionalism violation.

If a student receives BA/MD funds and it is later determined that based on their need they were not eligible for these funds, the award will be reversed, or deducted from a following semester’s BA/MD award package. We encourage students to check with the BA/MD Program Coordinator if they have a question about an unexpected scholarship refund. If a scholarship and/or financial aid package changes, the student must notify the BA/MD Program Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the student to submit and maintain scholarship and financial aid applications to the UNM Scholarship Office by deadlines announced each year.

Scholarship funds are designed to help meet basic educational costs on an “as needed” basis. The BA/MD Program cannot guarantee that all BA/MD students will have the full basic educational costs of their program covered by scholarship due to the increasing costs in tuition and housing, the potential of UNM scholarship amounts changing (i.e. NM Lottery Success Scholarship), etc. The Program administration and staff will communicate with students in advance of this type of change.

The BA/MD Scholarship is a "Last Dollar" Scholarship and fills the gap between all scholarship funding the BA/MD student receives from other sources and the basic educational cost per academic semester/year.  All scholarship funding BA/MD students are awarded must contribute to their own basic educational cost per academic semester/year and may not be "saved" or "reserved" for other costs (such as computer, parking pass, NSO fees, savings medical school, etc.).  The BA/MD scholarship program cannot fully fund all undergraduate BA/MD students; all scholarships awarded directly to a student’s UNM account will be counted toward the BA/MD scholarship formula calculations, regardless of reason.