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Professionalism Expectations

All BA/MD students are expected to attend/complete the following:

Read/reply to emails and utilize BA/MD calendar
You are responsible for reading, and replying, if necessary, to all emails sent from faculty and staff of the BA/MD Program. You are also responsible for meeting deadlines outlined via email. Please note that you will only be notified via email of an upcoming event, deadline, task, etc. ONCE. All is posted on the BA/MD calendar; therefore you should use the BA/MD calendar as a resource.

Meet Financial Aid/Scholarship deadlines
You are responsible for adhering to outlined financial aid/scholarship deadlines. (i.e. FAFSA applications completed by March 1st, submitted “estimated scholarships form” by first day of fall classes, etc.)

BA/MD paper/online evaluations by given deadline 
You must complete all BA/MD paper and online evaluations by outlined deadline. If necessary, extensions will be granted by Directors on an individual basis.

Semester advisement meeting
It is your responsibility to arrange all advisement meetings. If meeting is missed or canceled, you must arrange a new meeting.

Meet registration deadlines 
You must register within 24 hours of your scheduled day. If not, you must communicate with the advisors why you cannot. This severely affects the advisors communication with departments and the availability of reserved seats. You must also register for the assigned BA/MD sections of courses. If you want to register for an alternate section(s), you must communicate this to the advisors BEFORE your registration deadline.

MCAT Prep course 
You must attend all Kaplan MCAT classes and practice exams with only two exceptions for any reason. You are responsible for making up missed classes and/or exams by attending another Kaplan MCAT course class, online, or individually with Kaplan instructor. You are also required to complete the required homework online each week.

Mentoring meetings/trainings 
You must attend all mentor meetings and/or trainings. If not, you are responsible for following up with the Mentoring Program Director for missed material, instruction, and/or mentor/mentee follow ups. This includes class conflicts with meetings/trainings. You will be evaluated as a mentor and mentee, meeting the number requirement of meetings, quality of relationship and/or expectations, etc. You will also be expected to evaluate your mentor and mentee.

Class attendance 
You are expected to attend all classes.

All professionalism violations will be reported to the BA/MD Directors and the Committee on Curriculum and Student Progress (CCSP). It will be reported as “professionalism violation” in the student’s file.  Violations may affect the students status in the program and/or future requests of such as, but limited to; curriculum petitions, study abroad experiences and/or expense coverage, Leave of Absence petitions, early graduation, transitioning to the UNM SOM and eligibility for UNM SOM scholarships. Again, please refer to the "BA/MD Student Handbook" for more information regarding the "Process for Reporting and Dealing with Professional Lapses."

** Please note that this is not a complete list of all BA/MD Program due to ongoing changes in the Program.  This list serves as an example only.