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Program Meeting Time Policy

All BA/MD students must keep the designated program meeting time open from course enrollment every semester. By doing so the program may schedule meetings that all students can attend. If there is only one section of the class you are required to take that semester, therefore unable to keep the meeting time open, you are responsible for communicating this is issue with your BA/MD advisor in advance of next semester registration. Your advisor will notify you via email acknowledging issue and if permitted. If advisor finds that you could take another section or another course entirely to allow for meeting time, they will state these options in email.

All meetings will be announced two weeks in advance via email to allow for working students to make alternate arrangements with their work supervisor. No exceptions will be made for work schedules.

If you experience an illness or emergency, preventing you from attending a required meeting, you are responsible for communicating your absence to any BA/MD staff member in advance of the meeting.