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BA/MD Academic Advisement

The BA/MD program is fully committed to the success of its students. As such, an extensive support network of academic advisement and academic evaluation is in place to measure and promote positive student outcomes. The key objective of the BA/MD academic advisors is to help BA/MD students successfully navigate the university system. The advisors provide direct assistance to BA/MD students throughout the undergraduate portion of the BA/MD program in such matters as registration, academic planning, and support services (including tutoring, program support and guidance). In addition, the academic advisors monitor student progress through the program, from start through the transition to the School of Medicine.

Academic Advisement Policy

All BA/MD students are required to meet at least once each semester with the BA/MD Academic Advisor for program advisement. If a student is unsatisfied with the quality of advisement from the BA/MD advisor, the student should meet with one of the BA/MD co‐Directors to seek resolution.