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Basic Educational Costs

Educational Costs

Cost of Attendance vs...Basic Educational Costs
Amount determined by UNM comprised of:Costs used by BA/MD to determine awards:
Transportation CostsN/A
Miscellaneous ExpensesN/A
2016-2017 Basic Educational Costs
per semester
1st year student
2nd / 3rd / 4th year student
Tuition and Fees$3475.20 (15-18 hrs)$3475.20 (15-18 hrs)
Course Fee stipend$119.00$119.00
Textbook stipend$515.00$515.00
Meal Plan/food stipend$2100.00$1981.25
Tuition & Fees per credit hours
15-18 credit hours$3457.20
14 credit hours$4285.96
13 credit hours$3979.82
12 credit hours$3673.68

BA/MD Package Information for 2016-2017

  • Housing cost is based on campus apartment rates
  • Meal plan is based on cost of average plan for Upper Classmen, and "Silver" plan for Freshmen
  • Book allowance is set at $515 per semester
  • Course fees over $119 per semester will be the student's responsibility
  • Student choices that produce extra cost will be the responsibility of the student
  • BA/MD does not cover the cost of parking permits or New Student Orientation fees