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Summer Practicum Eligibility Policy

The BA/MD Program requires students to participate in the Summer Practicum (HMHV 350 and 450) in the summer between their second and third year in the Program. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in Summer Practicum.

Successfully complete the courses below with a standard letter grade of a C or better, AND a 3.00 GPA by the end of the second year:

  • Chemistry 121/123L
  • Chemistry 122/124L
  • Chemistry 301/303L
  • Biology 201/201L
  • Biology 202/202L

If student meets the criteria above, they are also required to successfully complete, with a C or better, HMHV 398: Community Service/Public Health Workshop in the spring semester prior to Summer Practicum. Successful completion of HMHV 398 includes proof of required immunizations; HIPAA, CITI, and Blood Born Pathogen certification; and all other requirements of the assigned shadowing location (i.e. background check, finger prints, drug screening, etc.). 

Students participating in the BA/MD Summer Practicum, by enrolling in HMHV 350 and 450, cannot enroll in any other course concurrently. This is to allow students to dedicate all time and effort to the four week experience.

HMHV 398 Policy

Students who complete HMHV 398, but do not participate in Summer Practicum in the following summer must retake HMHV 398 in the spring semester prior to the next offering of Summer Practicum.

Summer Practicum Site Lottery Policy

Summer Practicum site locations are determined by the BA/MD administration in collaboration with the summer practicum faculty each year. BA/MD students are assigned to a site location by a lottery system. There will be separate male and female random drawings in order to assist in keeping equal, or close to equal, gender representation at each site.  In order to keep the site assignment process fair, no preferences will be taken into account on behalf of students in regards to group membership and site assignments.

If you have extenuating circumstances that conflict with your practicum assignment, you may submit a petition to the Student Petition Committee with supporting documentation, but there is no guarantee of approval.