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SOM Continuous Eligibility Standards

In order to transition into the UNM School of Medicine portion of the program, BA/MD students must satisfy the continuous eligibility criteria outlined above, as well as the following outlined criteria required by the UNM School of Medicine:

    1. BA/MD students must earn a score on the MCAT exam consistent with the minimum acceptable threshold for admission into the MD program at the UNM School of Medicine.

    2. Complete the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application and UNM School of Medicine secondary application by the UNMSOM set deadline.

    3. Maintain a code of professional conduct consistent with SOM standards.

    4. Meet the policy on Technical Standards for Admission to the UNM School of Medicine.

In the fall semester of the student’s last year, the CCSP will recommend all eligible students for transition to the UNM School of Medicine (SOM) Admissions Committee. The SOM Admissions Committee will review each student’s record and file to ensure that students meet all of the above eligibility requirements, as well as all other technical standards and requirements of the UNMSOM. The SOM Admissions Committee will make the final decision regarding students’ admission to the UNMSOM, and will communicate with the student via written correspondence during the student’s spring semester. Any student who disagrees with the Admissions Committee decision may apply to the UNMSOM Associate Dean of Admissions for a final review.